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This journal has lacked my articulation of words, and I apologize for that, since I know you're DYING to read what I have to say. I guess I kind of make up for it in my videos, but still!

So it's Christmas, and like Thanksgiving, I am alone in my room. I just deleted 4000+ inbox messages off of hotmail. I dont read the spam/advertising ones, so they just clutter up in my inbox, but now im back to zero! I also deleted some old text messages off my phone, and such. I got 3 christmas cards this year. One from Anastasia, Mel, and Jacque. So sweet <3 thank you!

I'm registered for spring semester classes at SUNY Orange, and it will be the death of me. I'm taking 18 credits, which I hope will allow me to concentrate more. I did the FASFA thing, so im scared as to what it'll cost me. I'm already in a $2,250 dollar debt right now, in which I actually managed to obtain $1,300 of it so far, thanks to Bubba's. But I need to end the debt! I want a Digital Canon SLR so bad, and I want to go to Hawaii and California before school starts up, to visit some ex-coworkers. We'll see what happens.

As for today, since its a little past 11pm, and Christmas is almost over, Merry Christmas! If you don't celebrate it, Happy Thursday! And for the rest of you, Happy Holidays :) Hope you enjoyed my singing in my last entry <3

Happy Holidays, Everyone!


Tim likes my Jawbreaker...

Part 1:

RENT Reference <3

Part 2:

Avenue Q singing :D

51 Things Found In My Room :D

Roanoke College & Twilight mini-critique

My past 2 entries were friends-only because I didn't want them to stumble upon this journal. Anyway, I finally upgraded my livejournal from basic account to a plus account. w00t!

Two weeks ago, I drove down to Salem, Virginia for Anastasia and Jeanette-Lynn at Roanoke College. It was nice being away from New York for the week. Gas got down to 1.56 right before I left, WOAH! I was thrilled. Though I needed to fill up once I got to New York again, but still.

It was Sexapalooza week, held by their LAMBDA group. I got to do Yoga for the first time, and it was revitalizing. I kind of want to start doing it here at home. I bought a DVD and a Mat. I know, what a loser.
I met some cool cats. We saw a french movie called Ne le dis à personne. I've never watched a foreign film, and i thoroughly enjoyed it. Oh, and Anastasia, I IMDB'd Dustin Hoffman, and he DOES look like him - haha. I encountered my first ever SONICS while I was there. I've always wanted to go, ever since Simple Life. *dork*
I ate an obscenely amount of food while I was there, which I am upset about. Stupid college and their yummy (all you can eat style buffet!) food. All in all, I had a blast, and I hope it wasn't my last time visiting :P

This weekend I saw Twilight with my friend Gladys, the girl who got me into the books. So I thank her for that. I enjoyed it, but some of the characters were a bit different than i imagined. Like, I didn't think Tyler was black AT ALL. As well as Laurent. Not that I'm racist... lol, [spoiler alert] and it bugged me that they didn't mention James' involvement with Alice's transformation. But I digress[/spoiler alert]

Now I'm just tweaking my layout a bit. Ok, this is long enough. I did pretty good summing up my past 2 weeks, eh? lol - <3 Tootles

The Twilight Movie Sucked?

This is why I love Michael Buckley. You should subscribe to him if you aren't. Unless you think he's annoying. haha

"but if he likes it, he better put a ring on it" omg, he makes me laugh so much.

Twilight Spoof!


haha, this made me laugh so much. and I dont know why...


Watch Pushing Daisies tonight!

So while I have a little time before din-din, let me remind you to...


It can use the ratings so it doesn't get cancelled... don't let this show die on us :(

You can even just leave your tv on as background noise, if anything. lol <3

Off to Boston University for the weekend!

But before I go, how about you take 3 seconds, and Vote for my friend Kyle. He's on Page 5


Let's get him to page 4, people! At least try to xD

<3 Be back soon to catch up on everyone :)